Plastic Liquid Adhesive PLASTIKBOND

SUN-FIX Plastic Liquid Adhesive, PLASTIKBOND

Code: S 50004
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● Two component plastic adhesive providing high strength
● Cures practically almost on all types of surfaces where common adhesives are ineffective
● Rseistant to impacts
● Can be used with almost all tyrpes of plastic materials.
● Especially for bonding hard plastics and metals, ceramics, glass, stone, etc.
● Can be used for auto repairs, such as bumper, mirror, stop lights, etc.
● Applied by using the practical double syringe. Thus the resin and hardener are delivered automatically 
   in the right proportions. After this, the mixing is done manually.
Technical Features
● Packing : 28g twin syringe 
● Curing time at room temperature: 5-30min. 
● Final curing: 24hr
● Temperature resistance : -55 ºC  to +120 ºC  
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