Soluție de lipit TRANSPARENT

Soluție de lipit TRANSPARENT

Cod: S 50007

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● Two component plastic transparent adhesive    
● Cured adhesive is resistant to compression and tension    
● Bonds with almost all though materials, metals, ceramic, marble, concrete, wood, plastic (polyester, 
   ABS, polycarbonate) and especially glass.    
● Cured adhesive is inert with acid, hyydrocarbons, fuels, water and oil    
● Can’t be applied on polyurethanes and silicones.    
● Cured adhesive can be machined by grinding, filing or milling.    
● Can be used in thousands of other applications that you can be imagined.  
● Elastic and strong two-component adhesive/ sealant on the basis of a POP hybrid polymer. 
● Does not contain any substances that disturb lacquer wettings sucah as silicone or solvents or 
● Can be overpainted wet-in-wet, i.e. within 3 hours after application, with many appropriate paint 
   coating systems except alkyd resin varnishes.
● Pasty and stable. Even shortly after positioning of the parts to be bonded, a high adhesive force -
   position tack- is achieved.
● Stable to UV light, resistant to aging and salt water and can be used with temperatures of -40°C to + 
● Nearly all materials, e.g. iron, steel, special steel, aluminium, wood, glass, ceramic, concrete and 
   many plastics (except PE, PP, PTFE) can be bonded to themselves and among each other without   
   using a primer.
● Can universally be used as bonding agent or joint and seam sealant, for example in:
● Metal construction, container and apparatus engineering
● Pipelines and fittings engineering
● Insulation processes
● Ventilation and air conditioning
● Car body and vehicle construction
● Yatch and ship building
● Electro and lighting industry
● Wherever silicones or silicone-containing products are not suitable or desired.
●  Temperature resistance:  -35ºC to +145 ºC 
●  Tensile strength:  25 N/mm2 
●  Curing time:  30 minutes 
●  Expiration:  18 months